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About the NYGenWeb Project

A message was sent out over the GEN-NYS-L list in June asking if anyone would be interested starting a NYS GEN-WEB page similiar to a highly successful project underway in Kentucky. Many people expressed an interest in this idea. About the same time, Jeff Murphy, coordinator of the KYGENWEB, decided to go national with the idea, and out of that grew the USGENWEB project, and the NYGENWEB project.

At the same time, volunteers were found who were willing to coordinate the collection of databases and generally oversee the contents of the web page. Contact the volunteer shown on the county page if you have a desire to add your data to the database. If the county in which you are interested does not have a page and you wish to participate, please contact Robert Sullivan, New York State Coordinator

Basic County Page Requirements

There are a few basic requirements that every county page must meet in order to be associated with our project and be included on the Master Index Page for a state. The requirements are:
  1. All County Coordinators are required to join the mailing list for New York County Coordinators. This is where we discuss all matters having to do with the New York program. The State Coordinator will subscribe you when your county page is set up.
  2. Every page must have a pointer to the NY Master County List maintained by the state coordinator. Return to NYGenWeb (There should also be a note telling people that if they have an interest in adopting a county they should contact the state coordinator and give his/her email address. The current NY State Coordinator is Robert Sullivan.
  3. Every county must provide a query page. This can be handled either with an automated query system, or with email to the page owner and updated manually, and both ways are being used. Queries must be updated at least once per month.
  4. Every page must provide some kind of resource information for county. (This can be look up's or where to go to get information.)
  5. You must display the NY State Logo (We are currently using the Niagara Falls/Statue of Liberty logo designed by Debbie Barrett, but the older NY license plate logo is still acceptable) and the USGenWeb logo on your page.
  6. You must add something new to county at least once every 3 months besides query updates. (This can be in the form of new information, new links, updated page design,...)
  7. No Commercial advertising or selling on county pages. (The purpose of the USGenWeb project is to provide free genealogical and historical information for all. Links to commercial pages, or sponsored by statements such as "This page is hosted by" and a link to that page is OK, but visitors must not have to go through commercial pages to get pertinent information)
  8. No use of copyright material without prior approval from the author.
  9. Although the following pointer is no longer mandatory since it have been placed on the Master Index Page, it is recommended that it also appear on your page for the convenience of those visiting your page.

    A link to the USGenWeb page.
    The URL is http://www.usgenweb.org/

Beyond these few "bare essentials", your page is yours to do with as you please. Should there be any changes made in the basic requirements, you will be notified on the mailing list and this message will be updated.
As new county pages are put up on the web, they are checked by someone on the evaluation committee for the required elements and to be sure your links work. Your evaluator will let you know when they have visited your page. If there are any problems with links or any required elements missing, they will let you know so you may make any changes or corrections. Post a message to your state coordinator when ready for your page to be checked.
It is the policy of the U.S. GenWeb Project to obtain permission from the creator of the code, graphics, and backgrounds before using them on our pages. If you find yourself having used someone's code without their permission, please either obtain that permission or remove that feature from your pages.

Helpful Web Sites

We welcome you to the USGenWeb project. If you need assistance with getting your page up, don't hesitate to ask someone associated with your state project, or post a request to your state's list.

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Robert Sullivan
NYGenWeb State Coordinator

Thanks to Nancy Trice for the original code for this page.

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